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Workshops and Training

As a professional trainer, Emily has provided social justice and sexual health workshops for a variety of audiences. She has worked with the Anti-Violence Project, AVODAH - The Jewish Service Corps, Planned Parenthood of NYC, Partnership for Drug-Free Kids, NYU Silver School of Social Work, Columbia University School of Social Work, Hunter College Silberman School of Social Work, Ma'yan and several parent associations of NYC-area schools. 


Below is just a sample of my work. To see more or to discuss possible workshops please email me. Rates for services are determined on a case by case basis including a sliding scale.

Parent Workshops


Talking to Your Children about Sexuality and Relationships
In this interactive workshop series parents and caregivers are provided with tools and techniques on how to discuss sexuality-based topics with their children in age-appropriate and concrete ways. The instructor reviews topics such as child sexual development, boundary setting and healthy relationships. Attendees will also help to develop their own family values around sexuality and relationships. 
These workshops can be molded to your community's needs and include communication techniques, handouts and resources to help support parents to engage in these often complicated conversations with their children. 


Emily has facilitated a variety of workshops on developing lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) inclusive spaces in organizations and educational settings. See below for samples of training titles:

  • Sex Ed Across the Spectrum: Creating and Promoting Inclusive Sexuality Education for Teens 

  • Demystifying Gender Identity, Expression and Youth Rights             
  • Creating Safe, Empowering and LGBTQ-Inclusive Classrooms for Our Youth                        

  • Strengthening our Support and Care of LGBTQ Young People in Health Care Settings   


All workshops can be molded to meet your organization's needs and include handouts and resources.


Racial Justice

Emily has faciliated workshops with colleagues on several racial justice and anti-racist topics. See below for samples of training titles:               
  • Anti-Racist Social Work Practice
  • The Journey Toward Mutual Liberation: Developing an Ally Identity 
  • What’s Our Stake: Examining Whiteness for Anti-Racist Social Work Practice   
  • Each Person is a World: Tikkun Olam and Jewish Anti-Racist Organizing   
These workshops can be molded to the needs of your organization or collective. Some of these workshops are intended for specific community groups while others have affinity-style break-out groups included in the agenda. Please contact Emily for additional details.
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