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Emily's workshop created an environment where I felt I was able to be as candid as possible -- so much so that I talked through issues that I rarely talk through with even my closest friends.  

Sam Permutt, AVODAH Fellow 2015 Cohort

"I most appreciated Emily's slow, breathful, and deep facilitation."

Anonymous attendee from a Jewish Anti-Racist Organizing Workshop

Emily is passionate about sharing her knowledge of racial justice and privilege. Her open and non-judgmental style helped to create a safe space and put everyone at ease. Emily's facilitation led to interesting, authentic, and rewarding discussions on challenging topics, both at the workshop and in the weeks to follow.

Jordan Rubenstein, AVODAH Fellow 2014 Cohort

"Your workshop was great! It was like stand-up comedy and a sex talk! Very informative with a sense of humor."

Parent at PS 29 in Brooklyn, NY

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